The Maronite Liturgical Year

Sunday of the Church

Consecration of the Church Sunday
Dedication of the Church Sunday

Season of Announcement and Birth of our Lord

Announcement to Zechariah: First Sunday of Announcement
Announcement to Mary: Second Sunday of Announcement
Visitation to Elizabeth: Third Sunday of Announcement
Birth of John the Baptizer: Fourth Sunday of Announcement
Revelation to Joseph: Fifth Sunday of Announcement
Genealogy Sunday: Sunday before the Birth of our Lord

Birth of our Lord
(First Sunday after the Birth of our Lord)
Sunday of the Finding in the Temple

Season of Epiphany

First to Fifth Sundays of Epiphany
Sunday of Deceased Priests
Sunday of the Righteous and Just
Sunday of the Faithful Departed

Season of Great Lent

Cana Sunday: Entrance into Lent
Sunday of the Leper: Second Sunday of Lent
Sunday of the Hemorrhaging Woman: Third Sunday of Lent
Sunday of the Prodigal Son: Fourth Sunday of Lent
Sunday of the Paralytic: Fifth Sunday of Lent
Sunday of Bartimaeus the Blind: Sixth Sunday of Lent Hosanna Sunday

Passion Week

Monday of Passion Week
Tuesday of Passion Week
Wednesday of Passion Week
Thursday of Mysteries
Great Friday of the Crucifixion
Great Saturday of the Light

Seasons of Resurrection

Resurrection of our Lord
First Sunday of the Resurrection: New Sunday
Second to Fifth Sundays of the Resurrection
Ascension of our Lord: Ascension Thursday
Sixth Sunday of the Resurrection: Sunday after Ascension

Season After Pentecost

First to Sixth Sundays after Pentecost

Season of the Holy Cross

Exaltation of the Holy Cross
First to forteenth Sundays after Holy Cross