Brothers and Sisters:

This week normal Sunday Mass and Christmas fall almost “on top of” one another.  Please take note about Mass schedules for not only Christmas, but New Year’s. 

Explanation:  In a “normal Christmas week”, we would go to church on both Sunday and Christmas.  This year those two days just happen to fall almost together.  The same explanation for the changes around New Years. 

The bishop has written a letter clarifying Mass obligations.  The most important thing to note for us at St Sharbel’s is there will be NO MASS ON SUNDAY DEC. 24 at the normal moring time of 10:30am.

Blessings and Peace,

Abouna Chris

Here’s the schedule for those 4 days of Obligation at St Sharbel’s :
          Genealogy Sunday:    Sat. Dec. 23, 5:00 pm (Vigil)    Seminarian Peter Zogbi will preach the Homily!
          ***Christmas:       Sun. Dec. 24, 5:00 pm (Vigil)   or      Mon. Dec. 25, 10:30 am
          Finding in the Temple:    Sun. Dec. 31, 10:30 am
          Feast of Circumcision:    Mon Jan 1, 10:30 am
***Important Note: THERE WILL BE NO Sunday Morning Mass at 10:30am on Dec 24th***


From Bishop Elias:

          There have been some questions raised about this year’s Christmas and Sunday Liturgies.  This year, the Maronite faithful have the obligation to attend Genealogy Sunday on either Sat. Dec. 23 or Sun. Dec. 24.  Since Christmas falls on a Monday, there is also the obligation to attend either Sun. Dec. 24 or Mon. Dec. 25.  For the faithful, attending Christmas Eve Liturgy on Sunday does not fulfill the Sunday obligation (only the Christmas obligation).

          January 1st is Feast of the Circumcision of the Lord, and this is a Holy Day as well.  Again, the faithful must attend twice: Sun. Dec. 31 for the Finding in the Temple and Jan 1 (Circumcision).  [Please note that the suppression of the obligation of Jan. 1 for members of the Latin Church is not applicable to the Maronite faithful.]