March 24: Palm Sunday
Hosanna Sunday (Shaneenee) — 11:00am
Procession to follow with the distribution of Palms.
Confessions will be heard before Mass only
**Breakfast and Egg Hunt after Mass**

March 28: Holy Thursday
Institution of the Eucharist (Mass/Qurbono) — 7pm
Washing of the Apostles Feet
Confessions will be heard before/after the Holy Mysteries

March 29: Great Friday
Signing of the Chalice — Pre-Sanctified Liturgy — 11am
Confessions available before or after by request

Burial Procession (Zeeyah) — No Eucharist — 7pm
Commemoration of the Burial of our Lord
No confessions available in the evening

March 30: Saturday of Holy Week
Morning Service — 11am
Rite of Forgiveness (General Absolution)
No individual confessions available

Night of Vigil Easter
Glorious Resurrection of Our Lord (Mass/Qurbono) — 9pm
Followed by Rite of Peace and Procession
No individual confessions available

March 31: Easter Sunday
Sunday of the Glorious Resurrection of Our Lord — 11am
No Procession, Mass